Posted by: PD Warrior | January 21, 2007

Emotional Impact

I have lived with this disease for over three years now, and I must say this: Coping with the Parkinson’s myself isn’t nearly as difficult as seeing the effect it is having on my family. My wife and children seem to be living in fear that something terrible is going to happen every time I make a move.

Granted, their reactions are based on love; a very deep bond we all share with one another, but they don’t realize the emotional impact their fears have on me. They are afraid to let me do many things for fear that I will fall or get hurt in some other way. I am grateful for their concern, but I would rather risk injury than lose independence. I realize there will be a time when I am no longer physically able to do things, but until then I wish to live life to the fullest.



  1. My DH is like that. After I fell before he got up one morning, split the back of my scalp open, and had to crawl into the bedroom all bloody, to keep from getting dizzy again, he’s been terribly fearful for me. I understand why, but I’m not dizzy any more, and he’s still fearful.

    I’m glad to have you as a BLOG VILLAGER!!


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