Posted by: PD Warrior | February 4, 2007

You Have Got To Be Kidding Me!

Last year by this time we had several snowstorms where I live, and everyday I would have to shovel the drive and a good chunk of sidewalk. (I live on a corner lot) Well, a couple of the neighbors saw how much trouble I was having last year, losing my balance, running out of steam etc so they came over to help. God bless them for doing so, it made a tremendous difference to me.

This year however, I bought a snow blower, and like any man with a new powerful piece of machinery, I couldn’t wait to to use it. Well, December came and went with barely an inch of snow. The first couple weeks of January didn’t bring any of the white stuff either.

Then finally it happened. Two weeks ago we got our first major storm of the year. I was at work when it happened, and I spent all day glancing out my window giddy as a school boy. I couldn’t wait to get home and try that beast out. Five ‘o’ clock came and I was out the door in a flash. There was at least 8 inches on the ground as I made my way home.

I turned onto my street and stopped in front of my house. My jaw dropped in shock at what I saw, and tears began to well in my eyes. My goodhearted neighbors had taken it upon themselves to shovel my drive, and the entire sidewalk for me. There would be no snow blowing that night. God bless my neighbors. They have hearts of gold.



  1. People really can be wonderful at times, can’t they. What a thoughtful things for them to do.

    Maybe you’ll get to play with your snowblower yet…..


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