Posted by: PD Warrior | February 22, 2007

What I Miss The Most

I have lost the ability to do a lot of things because of this cursed disease. At one point I was an extremely accomplished musician. I am a classically trained painist, although you wouldn’t know it if you listened to me now. I am such a perfectionist when it comes to mymusic that I can’t stand to listen to myself play anymore. The same thing goes for my guitar playing. But, of all the things I can no longer do, what I miss the most is giving my wife a back rub. That isn’t to say I don’t rub her back, because I do. It just isn’t the same. I used to be able to massage her back for hours before my arms/hands got tired. Now I am lucky if my hands last ten minutes before getting worn out. On top of that, my hands will physically hurt for several hours afterward.

Yet, like I have said before. I will not give up. I play my instruments in private, where I am the only one that has to endure the pain of missed notes and poor rhythm, and I will never stop rubbing my wife’s back as long as I live. My wife always tells me that 5 minutes is better than nothing, and I will take her statement at full value. She hasn’t been wrong about anything yet…



  1. Such simple pleasures make up the best of life, don’t they??

    I remember practicing piano as a child and slapping the bench with both hands every time I made a mistake. My teacher had a hard time breaking me of that. She wanted me to keep going, mistake or not. I still need to learn that lesson. Perfectionists should never get Parkinson’s!!!!!!!!!

    I bet your wife would enjoy a back caress just as much as a back rub.


  2. You are absolutely right. My wife does not get nearly as upset about the short back rubs as I do.


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