Posted by: PD Warrior | February 24, 2007

Another interesting article

I just finished reading another interesting article about a possible method to test for PD. A diagnostic chip has been developed that tests for DNA markers associated with PD. The chip is not approved for commercial use yet, there is still a lot more testing that needs to be done. If this proves to be a valid method of testing, then people at risk will be able to get tested at a relatively low cost.

My question is this: If someone tests positive, and they don’t have any symptoms yet; what impact will it have on the way they are treated for the disease? Right now the only treatments for Parkinson’s Disease are aimed at treating the symptoms and not the actual disease.

I had to ask this question because of my background as a nurse. When I am taking care of a patient and the doctor orders an unusual test, I always question the order by asking the physician “will this change the way we treat this person medically?” If the answer is “no” I try my best to talk the doctor out of the test. Why put someone through the physical and mental anguish of having the procedure done if it will not benefit the patient?



  1. We are beginning to see some meds that “may” actually slow the disease. I’m on Zelepar, a dissolving form of Selegiline. Selegiline is tentatively being suggested as a med that can actually treat the cells that have slowed their production of dopamine. Lots of disclaimers at this point, but at least a head in the right direction. Plus, if I knew that it was coming, I would change eating and exercise habits, wouldn’t you? And maybe even take a few trips that were planned for later on in retirement.

    Yep, if I could have known earlier that this was coming, I would have wanted to know, even if the doctors couldn’t do anything about it.


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