Posted by: PD Warrior | February 24, 2007

Just A Poem To Make You Ponder

The Carpenter

The carpenter looks about silently,
Reflecting on all the work done by his hands
A hint of tears in his eyes
The finishing touch to his finest work
About to be complete

Sweat stings his face in the morning sun
His muscles tighten in preparation
For the placement of one last nail
His work; a labor of love from the beginning
To the end

The hammer swings
Tentatively at first
As if questioning the judgment of this act
Then suddenly drives the nail home
With a sense of finality

Hewn abruptly from the earth
Coarse wood, once gnarled and splintered
Now stands transformed by the carpenter
Into beauty beyond compare as the last tear falls
From the cross on the hill

I wrote this poem in February 2005



  1. Very powerful! Where do all you folks get all this creativity?????

    I love reading poetry, but I’m strictly a prose writer myself.


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