Posted by: PD Warrior | March 1, 2007


Just a little bit ago I received an email that I thought was just another bunch of SPAM. I didn’t recognize the address it came from, so I went to delete it just like I do with every other bit of junk mail that I get. Yet somehow, instead of deleting it I accidently opened it.

Just as I suspected, it was a letter from someone asking me to post an advertisement on my PD blog, for a documentary entitled “Shaken.” Once again I was going to delete the email when I noticed a couple of links at the bottom of it, and decided to click on them before deleting anything, and I must say I am very glad that I took the time to check things out.

The documentary “Shaken” is about someone with PD that decides to have neuro surgery.  The other link took to the personal blog of the woman who sent me the email. I still don’t know much about the documentary, but I did read many of the blog postings, and I absolutely loved them. I encourage everyone to check out the blog Shake, Rattle and Roll. From there, anyone that is interested in the film “Shaken” will be able to access the available links.



  1. I am glad that you did open that email you thought was spam. I am the producer/writer/director of SHAKEN: Journey Into the Mind of a Parkinson’s Patient. . This film follows the story of a young onset patient, through terrible dyskinesias and freezing episodes, DBS, and the aftermath . The film, medical, Parkinson’s and academic communities have all been raving about the film. “You don’t have to have Parkinson’s disease to be moved by this film, you only have to be human,” wrote one psychology professor. I would like to ask you to post a link to it from your website so that other young onset PD patients can learn about it, and also to ask you to contact your local public library to request that they buy a copy so you can watch it for free. Thanks!
    Deborah Fryer


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