Posted by: PD Warrior | March 5, 2007



Annie is the name of my dog. My wife and I found her by accident two years ago, on a weekend trip to Ohio. We were looking forward to some quality time alone, without the children tagging along.

Both my wife and I enjoy shopping, so we planned to spend the weekend mall hopping. The first mall we went to was in Mentor, Ohio. As we entered the building through one of the side entrances, we discovered a display put on by the local “Animal Protective League.”

My wife and I are both animal lovers, so naturally we stepped inside to look at all the cute little cats and dogs. Almost all of the dogs were out of their cages, playing with their potential new owners. Annie was the only one not being played with. She looked so sad, laying in her cage, so we asked one of the attendants if we could see her. We figured we could at least play with her for a little while, giving her some exercise, and a few minutes of freedom.

The attendant opened the cage to let her out, and she immediately made her way through the crowd and into my arms before the attendant had a chance to put a leash on her. I didn’t know what my wife thought (she is a cat lover, while I am a dog lover) but I took this as a sign. It wasn’t as if she came over to us because we were the first people she saw. She literally had to go around several other families, before making it over to us. I wanted to adopt her immediately, but we already had two cats at home, and my wife is allergic to dogs, so I knew it was out of the question.

 Before I even knew what was happening, my wife asked the attendant how much it would cost to adopt her. I looked at my wife in shock. She just smiled and said “I know how much you want a dog, so you betterjump before I change my mind.”

She was a stray dog when the shelter found her, so they named her “Orphan Annie.” She looked so much like the dog from the musical “Annie” that we kept the name.

Well, there you have it. Now you know how Orphan Annie found a home…she adopted us.

I think everyone needs an animal in ther life. At times, it is difficult to care for Annie. She is strong, and pulls hard on the leash when she sees or hears something, which has caused me to fall more than once (including this morning, when I took her for her morning constitutional.) but for the most part I have found ways around everything. There are several types of collars or harnesses that are specially designed to make it virtually impossible for dogs to pull on their leashes, and they work wonderfully. I blame myself for this morning’s spill. we weren’t going to go very far, so I didn’t put her harness on her. She is extremely over protective of the family, so when she saw someone approaching in the other direction she became excited, and gave me a yank. Oh well, lesson learned, and I am none the worse for wear.  


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