Posted by: PD Warrior | March 13, 2007

Sometimes I Understand

If I have learned nothing else over the years, I have at least learned this: Whenever I seem to be spending too much time wallowing in my own sorrows, I can always count on God doing something to get my attention. Sometimes his tactics are subtle, other-times he has to drop a brick on my head before I take notice.

Today, the brick hit me right between the eyes. I spent the better part of the morning silently cursing this disease, and my lack of control. I dropped everything I touched, and knocked over everything I looked at, and the more that went wrong, the angrier I became. Finally I was so mad I asked God to give me one good reason that I should be afflicted with PD.

He didn’t give me one, he gave me two. For those of you that don’t know much about me, I am a Registered Nurse. Today I spent a lot of time talking with a gentleman and his wife about PD. The gentleman had been told he had the disease 3 month’s ago, but his physician never explained anything to them about it, he just gave them a prescription for medication and sent them on their way. 

After I got done explaining things about the disease, I told them about my own diagnosis. The two of them were so relieved, knowing they had a care giver that was familiar with the trials and tribulations of PD on both a professional and personal level that they were almost in tears.

I can’t say I will never question God’s judgement again, because I will. Where he is infinitely wise, I am infinitely foolish. what I can say, is I will always cherish the answer I receive, if only briefly. 


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