Posted by: PD Warrior | March 18, 2007

Are You Serious?

Some people are plain ignorant. I just wish they weren’t doctors.

I am refering to an incident that occurred just before Christmas of 2006. I tried to dismiss the whole thing, because it really is trivial, but I find myself dwelling on it all the time.

This is what happened:  I went to the Emergency Room because I was having a gallbladder attack and I was in extrem pain. When I got there, I told them what was happening and gave them the whole list of diagnoses and meds that I take. Once they were done taking my history, I was brought back to an exam room. A few minutes later the Doctor came in to examine me. He was holding a clipboard, reading through my chart.

When he finished reading everything, he looked up at me and said, “Why do you have Parkinson’s Disease?”

What kind of question is that? If I knew the answer, I wouldn’t have the disease, and neither would anyone else!

Then he went on to say “You are way to young to have Parkinson’s…”

I was in way too much pain at the time, or I would have had a snappy come back for him. Like, “You are way to dumb to be a doctor, but that didn’t stop it from happening.”


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