Posted by: PD Warrior | April 15, 2007

With A Twitch And A Smile

The weekend belonged to Murphy. That is to say that anything that could possibly go wrong, did go wrong. My wife had an appointment in Buffalo NY, a one and a half hour drive from our house. The plan was to take the kids with, and from there drive four hours to Ohio, spend the night and go to Grove City to shop at the outlet mall.

Then Murphy started spreading his law all over the place. My wife’s simple appointment that shouldn’t have lasted more than 30 minutes went on for over 2 hours. We started immidiately for Ohio after that. About an hour into our trip, the car we were driving decided it didn’t want to go with us. (Pretty sure the transmission is shot) So, we limped home another hour in the opposite direction and made it by the skin of our teeth.

Most people probably would have thrown in the towel and stayed home after that, but not me. I am too stubborn and once I have my mind set on something … step aside or get run over. (Actually, now that the Parkinson’s is progressing a little further it’s more like step aside, wait a few minuted, then get run over) Anyway, we parked my wife’s vehicle, threw all the luggage into the back of mine, and hit the road again, only to discover 3 hours later that “MapQuest” had given us some erroneous directions. Actually the directions were probably correct, but they were very confusing with one of the steps, and we ended up going almost 30 miles out of the way before realizing something was wrong.

 After back tracking and finding our hotel things smoothed out. Until morning that is. After breakfast we all piled back into the vehicle, armed with yet another set of instructions on how to get to the outlet mall. And…you got it, once again the directions were wrong. The map called for a left turn after 4 tenths of a mile. In reality, the turn should have been in 4 miles. (I have become rather adept at backtracking)

Once at the mall, all went well. lots of Shopping, lots of laughing, lots of fun, all of which will be followed up in a week or two with lots of bills to pay.

All things considered, it turned out to be a great weekend. With everything that went wrong it was hard to distinguish my facial expressions between what was a nervous tic or a Parkinson’s twitch. Either way, it ended with a smile. 


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