Posted by: PD Warrior | April 17, 2007


There is no title to this post. There simply cannot be, for there are no adequate words to describe the sadness, shame and horror tragically unleashed upon the world not more than twenty-fours ago.

To give title to these thoughts would do naught but give undeserved strength and life to those who commited yesterday’s attrocity, and those who will regretably do the same, or worse in the future.

At the same time, meager words of sorrow, empathy and pain, no matter how heartfelt, can never do justice to feelings of sadness, loss and dispair felt by loved ones left behind. Nor can they describe the empathy felt by those of us watching with no personal connection to the loss. Therefore the title of this posting must remain a vaccuum, as devoid of substance and worth as the act that caused its very existance.

I have tried three times now to sit and make sense of the violence at the Virginia Tech Campus, but all I have come up with is a paradox that may never be explained. For in the wake of this tragedy I have found the world has become both infinitely large, and at the same time infinitely small.

The largeness comes from the realization that there is more to fear in the world than what I have previously thought possible, and the infinite smallness comes from the realization that this could have happened to anyone. Those that died in this tragedy could have been my own loved ones, thus allowing both extremes to impossibly exist as one.

All I can do now is wail and moan, trusting the Holy Spirit to deliver both my thankfulness and my sorrow to God.



  1. to many emotions, but we are left speechless.


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