Posted by: PD Warrior | April 23, 2007

Five days and counting

April 28th will prove to be a red letter day for me. The adventure will actually begin on the 27th when I will be flying to New York City. The flight itself will be the 1st in a series of firsts for the weekend.

  1. It will be the first time my wife and I have flown together. Please note that it will not be the first flight either of us has taken, just the first flight together. Why is that so important? Because I, unlike my wife, am an airplane enthusiast and ex-skydiver. I fly every chance I get (which is not nearly often enough). My wife, however, is absolutely terrified of flying. She has promised me that I will regain all function of my hand once we land, but during the flight my hand will be firmly gripped by hers to the point where they might become fused.
  2. I, unlike my wife, have never been to New York City before. My wife has been there many times, and absolutely loves everything about the place. My opinion will have to wait. Not that I have anything against NYC, because I don’t. I am actually quite excited to be going there, but I am a country boy, born and raised. Put in the middle of the forest with a pocket knife and a pack of matches and I will survive quite comfortably. The thought of being in a large city is rather daunting to me.
  3. It will be the first time that I have participated in the Parkinson’s Unity Walk. If I have my way it will be the first of many, many times  of participating.
  4. If I do nothing else while I’m there, the trip will be worth it just to have a carriage ride through Central Park with my wife.

Wish me luck!


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