Posted by: PD Warrior | May 2, 2007

Let The Adventure Continue…

Parkinson’s Unity Walk – Fact Number 2   The unofficial total of money raised for Parkinson’s research when the walk commenced was $1.5 million dollars.

 Meanwhile, back at the airport – Once the plane landed I finally had the chance to put my shoes all the way on. With the great shoe escapade behind us, my wife and I made our way through the airport, found our luggage and called our hotel using one of the airport’s courtesy phones. The hotel actually sent a shuttle over to pick us up. I felt like royalty.

We got to the hotel only to find out we didn’t have a room. Not yet at least; we had arrived too early. The hotel manager told us he had a room all reserved for us, but it would be at least 4 hours until it was ready. So, with time to kill, my wife and I decided to take a car into Manhatten. The hotel offered to store our luggage until we returned and arranged for a car to drop us off anywhere in Manhatten we wanted to go. (For a fee, of course) Which brings me to the first of 3 cab rides…

First I must tell you that just about all the preconceived notions I had about New York City were wrong. I expected the place to be dirty, and it wasn’t. I think it was cleaner than the little town I live in. I expected to see a lot of crime, and again, I didn’t – not even on the news. I expected the crowds to be rude, and pushy. They weren’t.

Even the cab rides were different from what I had expected–they were much worse than anything I could have imagined on my own. No one used turn signals, not even hand signals – well, at least the hand signals that were used didn’t have anything to do with what direction the car would be turning.

Once we reached our destination the driver asked for his fee. I handed him a credit card because the hotel promised me that the company the used would accept my credit card. Silly me…the driver only took cash. Luckily we had enough with us, so I paid the man, and we got out of the car, eager to start the next leg of our journey –the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

I am still in awe. My wife and I spent over three hours in the museum, and we didn’t even scratch the surface of everything that there was to see.

to be continued…


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