Posted by: PD Warrior | May 29, 2007

City Streets Or Sidewalks?

I learned a valuable lesson yesterday as I pushed my mother in her wheelchair from my house to “our spot” along the Memorial Day parade route.

Now, first let me explain something: One of my pet peeves has always been driving down the street and getting stuck behind someone that is driving their motorized wheelchiar on the road instead of the sidewalk. I have always tried to be sympathetic in these situations, after all, these people didn’t ask to be in a wheelchair. Yet for some reason, no matter how sympathetic I try to be, it still irks me.

Back to the parade: All of my children marched in it this year and my mother desperately wanted to see it. My house is only four blocks from one of the streets that the parade comes down – a walk that I easily take at least once a day with my dog – so I thought nothing about pushing my mother in her chair to see the parade.

I knew the city sidewalks were a little uneven, but I never had any difficulty walking on them. True, with my Parkinson’s I always take extra precautions because my balance isn’t always the greatest, but in my mind the sidewalks were never that bad.

I pushed her chair for less than a block before I found myself forced to leave the side walk and push the chair on the street. In the short distance I did use the sidewalk I almost flipped her out of the chair twice.

Now I understand.


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