Posted by: PD Warrior | June 2, 2007

Five Chapters And Counting

For any one who doesn’t know me, I have been writing a book. Not one of those “poor me, I have PD and this is my story” type books. I have actually written a fictional novel.

Four times.

That is not to say I have written four books, but that I have written the same book four times. Well, almost…  I have 5 more chapters to go before the fourth self-edit is final. Then, hopefully I will be able to find someone that actually wants to publish it.

I guess it really is a “poor me, I have PD” type book in the fact that Parkinson’s disease is the reason I started writing it. I have no idea how long I will actually be able to physically do my real job, so I began writing as a back-up plan to make sure I have some sort of income to support the family.

Wish me luck…



  1. i’m wishing you the best:) sorry you are having problems posting comments in my blogs, i don’t know why. thanks anyway for emailing your comments. it is very much appreciated.


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