Posted by: PD Warrior | June 15, 2007

Numb and Tingly

Not to be confused with “warm and fuzzy…”

Numb and tingly is exactly how my hands seem to be today.  The only sensation I have is in the very tips of my fingers, and that is where the “tingly” seems to come in. This isn’t an unusual phenomenon for anyone with PD. The technical terms are Neuropathy, dysesthesia and Paresthesia.

Whatever you want to call it, the sensation is damned annoying at times. Especially the numbness – it wreaks all kinds of havoc when I am trying to hold something . Either I don’t grip it tight enough and drop it, or I grip it too tight and break it anyway. Although Parkinson’s can cause weakness, the neuropathies associated with it do not always correspond to the parts of the body that are weaker. In other words, just because my left hand is pretty weak now, my right hand still has most of its strength. When these stupid sensations occur, I can honestly say “I don’t know my own strength.”



  1. Thanks for educating us about neuropathy, dysesthesia and paresthesia. I assumed that when I have the tinging, numbing sensation in my hands it was because of carpal tunnel syndrome.

    Kate Kelsall
    Blog: Shake, Rattle and Roll


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