Posted by: PD Warrior | June 22, 2007

All In One Week…

Wow, where do I start?

First, I guess, I have to start with my knee. For a little over 2 weeks I have been limping around because of knee pain that had been getting progressively worse until last Friday when I had to break down and see a doctor about it. He, of course, perscribed an anti-inflamatory to help take away the pain and swelling then promptly sent me to see an “orthopod.” (orthopod is an “affectionate” nick-name we use in the medical field for Orthopedic Surgeon)

My orthopod saw  fit to subject me to all sorts of poking, prodding, and twisting of the knee joint trying to pinpoint the problem. I expected him to do just that, but I must say if my knee didn’t hurt going in to the appointment, it certainly did when I left. Anyway, long story made short- after all the poking, prodding, twisting, and x-rays (the x-ray technician also bent my knee in ways a knee was never meant to be bent just to get the “perfect picture”) he couldn’t find anything wrong despite the obvious pain. So, for the next two weeks I am to continue to take the anti-inflamatory med that doc#1 perscribed, and if my pain doesn’t resolve in 2 weeks I get to sit through an MRI (magnetic resonance imaging).  Meanwhile, my knee has only given out 2 or 3 times. On to better things…

One of my daughters just participated in her 8th grade “Stepping Up” ceremony- sort of a rite-of -passage for everyone making the giant leap from middle school to high school. During the ceremony all sorts of awards were given out. I have to say I was absoultely amazed by the accomplishments of one student in particular – a girl that pretty much swept the awards category. This girl was awarded :

  1. student athelete of the year award
  2. All County chorus award for 4 years. (The All County Band/Chorus is an event that occurs once a year. It is not something you can join; the students must be nominated by their music teacher as an outstanding musician and have participated in a statewide adjudication process and attained a certain level of achievement)
  3. All County Band Award for 2 years
  4. Mathematics Acedemic Achievement Award                                                                      -and-
  5. The Over All Acedemic Achievement Award with a grade point average of 98.8

This girl…   my very own daughter!!      Talk about one proud Pappa!

The very next morning it was back to the grindstone. After 2 hours of sleep I was summoned in to work because of short staffing. Oh well. You know what they say…”there is no rest for the wicked…or anyone else that happens to work in the medical field.” The lack of sleep didn’t seem to matter though. The “Proud Poppa” adrenaline rush saw me through the day.



  1. you have every reason to be proud. congratulations to your daughter, and to you! now, if only those knees would cooperate…


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