Posted by: PD Warrior | July 6, 2007

Red Lights, Bum Knee, And If I Ever Catch The Little…

It’s been a long week. My wife and I celebrated our wedding anniversary (more to come about that later) and that is about the only good thing that happened this week.

The standing joke in my family is that I always manage to hit all the red lights when I’m driving. It doesn’t matter if I’m going slow, fast, or in between. I get them all. It’s as if there is a little sensor at all the lights that can detect my car as it approaches and changes all the traffic signals to red. Normally I am used to this, but this week it has made me late for just about everything.

Add my stupid knee to the equation. Walking around with the Parkinson’s can be a challenge in and of itself, but throw in a bum knee that keeps going out on me and suddenly people start asking me how much I’ve had to drink. (please note: the only alcoholic beverage I like is beer, and a six pack will last me almost 2 months – that’s how much I drink)

But last night was the kicker. Someone decided they didn’t like the little ornaments my wife and I have in our flower garden, so sometime in the night they took it upon themselves to sneak into my yard and break them.


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