Posted by: PD Warrior | July 17, 2007

Attack Of The Garden Hating Fiends

I’m not sure what my poor innocent garden decorations have done to deserve their fate, but they were attacked for the second time on Sunday night. Once again the only victim was my wrought iron cat, the one with the glow in the dark globe for a belly. And once again he was disemboweled. This time no amount of surgical expertise on my part could restore him to his former self. Alas, not only did the fiend remove the poor cat’s plastic belly, he/she took it with them this time instead of leaving it strewn around in pieces in my yard.

Perhaps the cat deserved it. 

Maybe, just maybe, he came to life at night and prowled the neighborhood looking for wrought iron dogs to tussel with, or the occasional stray rubber mouse to devour. Or, worse yet … he might have been sitting upon a wrought iron fence late at at night, as wrought iron, garden decoration tomcats are known to do, meowing at the moon. 


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