Posted by: PD Warrior | July 27, 2007

Off we go…

Into the wild blue yonder…

Today’s the day I take off with my brother-in-law, heading for the Dayton Air Show. The show’s tomorrow, and the drive is over 5 hours so we decided to leave a day early and spend the night. We’ve done the whole “get up at 3am and hit the road by 5am then drive back late at night” thing before. Trust me when I say it isn’t pretty when we do it that way.

Any way, in the spirit of all things flying, below is a poem that I wrote back in December 2006, honoring all those who have flown in defense of our magnificent country.


Ode To The Boy, Honor To The Man


Birds of Paradise from Pacific islands rise
And do their dance of death, high up in the skies,
Among brilliant clouds of white.
The battle’s joined, the band begins
Each bird moves to the sound of its own drum-
The thuderous beating of its pilot’s heart-

Oblivious to the battle’s thrum.
Hours, like seconds pass, and soon
Youthful boasts give way to doubt.
Boys learn quickly to be men,
As the air around them thins
And fear becomes the oxygen they breathe.
They twist, they turn, some crash, some burn.
And when it’s done those that remain soar home,
Riding the wind with the speed of eagles
Until once again they are on the ground.
Then the pilots, to a man dismount
And caress the magnificent birds-
The metal beasts that bore them home-
One last time before turning to each other
With false smiles and tales of bravado,
Foolish pride to hide the fear inside,
Thankful to be boys once more.
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