Posted by: PD Warrior | August 9, 2007

Okay, that wasn’t quite what I had in mind…

Yesterday a representative from a medical supply company came to the facility where I work to demonstrate a couple products we were considering purchasing. Both products were patient transfer aids. (Remember, I am the Assistant director of nurses where I work)

One product in particular was very interesting. It is designed to be used with patients that can bear at least 25% of their own weight. Once they are in a standing position, they can be wheeled almost any where with relative ease. The neatest thing about this piece of equipment is an attachment that can totally support the weight of one leg, allowing it to be used with people that have had hip or knee replacements and can’t bear any weight on the effected leg yet.

Here’s where the fun begins…

I have a personal policy when it comes to mechanical devices used to lift the patients I am responsible for. I like to be totally familiar with every aspect of the device, including what it feels like to be a patient riding in/on the device. So, when it came time to demonstrate the equipment I volunteered to be the patient.

All went extremely well until it came time to demonstrate the “one leg” aspect. The representative showing us everything had me all set to go. My right leg was being supported by the device, leaving me free to stand up using my left leg.

There was only one problem…I was so caught up in the demonstration that I managed to totally forget about my PD.

There was no way that I was going to ever be able to push my self into a standing position using only my left leg. Once I am standing there is no issue, but my left leg is not strong enough to push the total weight of my body from a sitting position to standing position by itself.

Being the prankster that I am, I let the salesman think the defect was in his product for a few minutes before confessing to him. After that we switched the device around and used my right leg to stand while the weight was taken totally off my left leg and the thing worked like a charm.

I think human nature is amazing at times. I have become so adept at compinsating for all the short comings that Parkinson’s has dealt me that sometimes I forget I even have the disease…


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