Posted by: PD Warrior | August 14, 2007

Too much for my feeble mind to comprehend…

Okay, I don’t usually like talking about work. I really really love the company I work for, and I have the utmost respect for 98% of my co-workers. But today was just too much.

One of the things I am responsible for is “wound rounds.” That means that at least once a week I have to go from unit to unit with the MD and examine all the wounds we have in the building. I measure them, I clean them, I document everything like a mad man. I keep up on all the newest protocols, and I press the doctors for new orders when things aren’t going right. I even designed a computer application to track the progress of each wound.

Today during my rounds the doctor asked me if we were going to start consulting with Nurse J about our wound care. Nurse J works at one of the other facilities that my company owns. Nurse J has less experience, and tends to be a little lax about things (my personal opinion, no one elses.) It seems that the company paid for nurse J to go to school for a month or so and receive certification as a clinical wound specialist. Just a little over the top for me.

The doctor opened the can, and believe you me… I let all the worms out.


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