Posted by: PD Warrior | August 26, 2007

Pipe dreams and stranger things

I guess I’ll start off by apologizing in advance for any “typos” or any undecipherable mumbo-jumbo that may show up in this post. I am attempting to type with one hand – not that my typing is any prettier when I use two – and I can’t even blame it on the PD.  I can, however, blame it on the newest member of the family who is at this very moment sound asleep in my arms.

No, I’m not talking about my grandson…if he were here with me the computer wouldn’t even be on right now. I am talking about Zoey, the kitten we adopted on Friday.

Here’s where the “stranger things” come in. I love both cats and dogs, but by my own very nature I am a self proclaimed “dog person.” I always have been, which is very fitting because my wife is a “cat person.” The animals also seem to sense this. We have both cats and dogs in the house. The cats prefer my wife over me, and the dog most definately prefers me to anyone else. Which is why I find it strange that Zoey’s favorite place to fall asleep lately is in my arms, and not my wife’s.

Trust me when I say that both my wife and the dog are equally confused over this develoipement, and if I had to guess – equally as jealous.

Well, enough about the cat. On to the “Pipe Dream.”

I don’t recall if I ever mentioned in any previous posts, but I have been working on writing a novel. I have actually written the story four times now, and I am in the process putting the finishing touches on the “final draft.”  

Writing the book was the easy part. Now I have to actually convince an agent/editor/publisher to buy the thing, which from all the research I have done about the publishing business is the hardest part.

Now, I am a very out-going person. Contacting different agents/editors doesn’t concern me – I am not shy in the least bit. It’s all the butt kissing that I will more than likely be forced to do in the process that will slow me down.

I hate schmoozing. I don’t like people who try to schmooze me, and I don’t like doing it myself. Don’t get me wrong…I can do it with the best of them, but man do I hate it!

There, now that I have that off of my chest, it’s time for me to start making a list of all the people who’s behinds I will have to kiss…

Did I mention that I hate kissing up to people?



  1. Well, dang, if that’s not some accomplishment, the book that is. Congrats. Even if it’s not published yet, just to have finished it is something else. Good luck with trying to market it.


  2. Thanks for the encouragement. I already have the idea for another book mapped out in my head, which is probably another reason why I am dragging my feet with the whole marketing thing – I really want to get started writing the new story.


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