Posted by: PD Warrior | August 30, 2007

Neat little package

I received a neat little package in the mail a couple of days ago called a StepKit. It was something I had signed up to receive last April when I participated in the Parkinson’s Unity Walk in New York City (A trip I hope to take many more times) It’s a set of little booklets explaining PD, and giving hints about various ways to cope with the symptoms etc. But the best part –  and the only reason I signed up to receive the kit – was the DVD that was also included.

The DVD is a short exercise video developed specially for people with Parkinson’s Disease. The exercises are quite simple and can be done by almost anyone in any stage of the disease. They can be done standing alone if balance permits, or standing beside an immovableobject for greater stability or even sitting in a chair. (All aspects are shown in the video)

The movements required in the exercises are very slow and and easy. Although the video doesn’t say it, all of the exercises are a very simple form of Tai Chi. I have tried it for a couple days, and I really enjoy it. The kit itself is free and can be obtained by signing up for it at

I didn’t think much of the pamphlets that came with it, mostly because it is a repeat of information I have already seen dozens of times. The kit itself is put out by a pharaceutical company called Novartis that is, of course, trying to get you to use their product. I have never used their medication and I am certainly not a doctor, so I can’t make any recommendations or judgements that way. (To be totally honest, I have received dozens of free gadgets from drug companies that want me to try their medication – I use the gadgets and forget about the meds. If my doctor ever perscribes one of them for me, then I have the information already. But I am not about to make a decision without my doctor.) I really hate putting in plugs for med companies, or any other type of company, on my blog but the video is really worth a look.



  1. Thanks for the link. I sent off for it.


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