Posted by: PD Warrior | September 3, 2007

If You Only Knew…

scroll.jpg Okay, I admit this not like any of my usual posts, but as the saying goes – all work and no play makes the PD Warrior rather difficult to live with – or something along that line. I got this from a site I found earlier today. It was a prize for participating in a nursery rhyme contest and getting at least one answer right. I saw a plug for the contest and figured “nursery rhmes? This ought to be childs play, right?”

Wrong. The contest was not only fun, but it was rather challenging, hence the prize being awarded for only one right answer. So, for anyone that wants to have a go at it, the blog is “Everything and Nothing”   If you don’t read anything else I recommend, go to this site and have some fun.

And for those of you that think, because most of my posts are serious and/or philosophical in nature, that I have totally lost my mind – all I can say is “if you only knew…”



  1. Thanks, for a few minutes of diversion. I gave up at one, slacker that I am today.


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