Posted by: PD Warrior | September 26, 2007

Three cats, one dog, and a cold..

Q: What do all of these things have in common?

A: I spent most of the day in bed with all of them.

I stayed home from work today so that I could rest, and more importantly so I wouldn’t spread my cold to a lot of people with immune systems that are already severely compromised.

Now, it’s not so unusual for the dog to remain by my side when I’m sick. She has done that before, several times. She is so faithful when these situations arise that she won’t leave my side without a fight, even to go outside and relieve herself. (I have, in the past, had to get up out of bed, and take her out myself)

The cats however, are a different story. It’s not so unusual for them to lay on the bed, but only when my wife is there, but if she gets up to leave the room the cats are always on her heels.

Now, I know what you’re thinking… you’re saying to yourself that the cats are following my wife because she is going to feed them, right? Wrong! The cats are my wife’s animals (they adopted her) but I am the provider – that is to say, I am the one who gets up out of bed to feed them every day like clock-work. It’s the only time of the day that the cats actually accept me as part of the family.

That is, until today…

All the animals were on the bed with me. It was almost as if they were holding some sort of vigil. At first I tried to ignore them, but it became increasingly impossible as one by one they all sprawled out and made themselves at home, leaving almost zero room for me on our king sized bed.

I tried to reason with them, explaining that I was the master of the house, and that the bed belonged to me, but they weren’t convinced.

After a while I gave up trying to sleep, and turned the TV on, and began to flip channels from the semi-comfort of my own overcrowded bed. After a few minutes I found myself watching a news story about a cat that lived in a nursing home (not unusual, many nursing homes have cats.) This particular cat really wasn’t friendly to any of the residents (okay, that part is strange, most nursing homes wouldn’t allow an animal to live there if it wasn’t friendly) They went on to say that the only time the cat paid any attention to the residents of this home was if one of them was dying, then it would jump up on their bed and lay next to them until they had taken their last breath(gotta admit that part was freaky)

I looked at my animals, and they looked back at me. If I didn’t know better I would say they were all smiling at me. I told them that I would be alright. After all, a cold can be very annoying, but it is rarely fatal.

They weren’t convinced.

After a few more minutes of the freaky cat story neither was I. Turning off the TV, I got out of bed and dashed for the digital thermometer in the medicine cabinet.

99.2 degrees – high for me, but not life threatening. I turned around to leave the bathroom, only to find all the animals were sitting in the doorway staring at me. Again, that was unusual. They all hate the bathroom…they know this where they all get baths, and they avoid it like the plague. I turned around and checked my temperature again, just to be safe. Still 99.2 degrees.

I told them they were all “nuts,” and stumbled back to bed. They looked at me as if they all felt the same about my behavior, and proceeded to climb back up on the bed with me, resuming their “death watch” vigil just as they had all morning.

I ignored them.

They continued to stare.

I ignored them some more, they stared some more.

About an hour later my stomach began to rumble. I was hungry. According to my body’s clock, I was about 5 hours late for breakfast. Actually, I was more than hungry. I was starving. I got out of bed and began to plod downstairs to forage through the refrigerator. I was about half way down the steps when I heard the familiar sound of stampeding feet about to overtake me from behind. It’s a sound I have heard many, many times before; a sound so familiar I have given it it’s own name…”feeding time at the zoo.”

It was then that I realized my animals really weren’t insane. They hadn’t lost their minds, they weren’t holding a “death vigil,” and I wasn’t going to die from my cold, although if I didn’t get out of the way I would most certainly be trampled on the stair way.

They were hungry. I hadn’t fed them at their usual time this morning, because I had stayed home from work. My wife hadn’t fed them either, because it wasn’t part of her usual routine.

Once all the animals were fed, including myself, I stumbled back up to bed to nurse my stupid cold; alone this time, with the exception of my dog, ever faithful by my side. All was well in my little corner of the world. Now if I could just breathe … stupid cold!



  1. Thanks for the wonderful laugh!! I had read the story about the cat on one of the BLOG VILLAGE blogs, so I had already conjured up that image before you even mentioned it.

    Death vigil? phft no. HUNGRY!! ROTFL


  2. LOL! It can be a little freaky, when animals gather that way!

    I have a dog who is a natural healer…he is the one who will take anyone’s tears and ills and cleanse them. He gravitates to the ones who need him the most.

    In my late mother’s care facility, they had resident dogs and cats. One cat, in particular, started to hang around my mother’s room just before her death. This was not unusual for this cat; he did the same for anyone where he felt he was needed.

    Extra attention was given to the patient when Max showed up consistently…he was kind of an alarm bell, for the nurses.

    Hope you feel better soon!


  3. You told a great story there Joe. I can relate with my old Samantha who always followed me around the house, especially if she knew I was sad. Toward her latter days, she’d wake up startled to find I had slipped away and she’d hasten to find me. Hope the cold is better or is it I hope you are better.


  4. That is funny and freaky. My dogs love me, but they love me a whole lot more at 12:30 – feeding time. And they smile at that time, too.


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