Posted by: PD Warrior | September 28, 2007


Personally, I look upon greed with pity. People who have everything, actually have nothing. Oh, granted they have lots of stuff kicking around; a gadget for every conceivable task, and some for tasks that haven’t been conceived yet (I threw that last one in because I have met people with so much stuff that they don’t even know what half of it’s for)

I used to be envious of people like that, but then one day I discovered I had the ability to look past all the “stuff” most of these people had, and what I saw scared me.

Life is like a vault that has been specifically designed to store everything that you could possibly need to survive and better yourself. As we go through life, we all have the ability to pick things up along the way, and if we so choose, we can store them in our very own vault to keep forever, or perhaps discard at a later date depending on our needs. The problem is, once the vault is full, it’s full. Nothing else will fit until something is removed.

Then, as I looked at my own vault, I noticed something else…if I chose to put a tangible object in, it took up space as any physical thing would when placed in a box, but if instead, I chose to place a person in my vault –  friend, family, acquaintance – not only did they not take up any space, but the vault grew proportionately, providing me with even more space to fill with anything I came across.

I also noticed the opposite was true. If I chose to remove a person from my vault, the vault then shrank in size; not in the same way it grew when I placed the person inside, but in an alarmingly larger proportion, causing a lot of my stuff to fall out along they way because there simply was not enough room to keep it all in.

It was then that I noticed the pattern. People with vast amounts of money, gadgets, personal possessions, had little tiny vaults with no room for family, friends or acquaintances; whereas those who filled their vaults with people had an infinitely vast space to put anything else in that they desired.

W hen it comes to having PD, I have been able to procure all sorts of devices, gizmos, and gadgets (some of them even work) The problem is, with this disease, I will only be able to use them for a limited amount of time before the disease progresses, rendering the device useless. But, the people in my life…well, that is a different story. People can adapt, and change at will depending on the situation, and even if they reach a point they can no longer physically help, they are still there as an emotional crutch – a tool which none of us can afford to discard along the way.

I used to be greedy. Actually I still am, but I have changed the focus of my greed. Not that I don’t like “things.” I am admittedly a “gadget person.” But if given the choice between people or things, I will choose people every time, and there will still be room for all the things I will ever need in my vault.


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