Posted by: PD Warrior | September 29, 2007

Fun with photos

Once upon a time I used to consider myself an artist. That was in the days before my battle with PD.

Parkinson’s Disease thought it could just invade my hands, and I would surrender my artistic capabilities without a struggle. Originally the plan worked, but recently I have initiated a counter offensive, and found ways that I can still be artistically creative, ways that don’t necessarily require the steadiness of my hands.

Inspired by the latest postings on James Jordon’s Points Of Light blog
I decided to use some of the digital photography software that I purchased a couple of month’s ago to see what sort of havoc I could wreak upon some of my own photographs.

In his blog, James mentions that some of his pictures were a “blend” of more than one picture, using different techniques, exposures etc, which gave me an idea…Playing around with all sorts of applications available in Adobe Photoshop Elements 5.0, I managed to come up with something pretty cool.

Lady Liberty I started with this picture, a photo my wife and I took from New York Harbor when we attended the Parkinson’s Unity Walk last April.

A few tweaks and filters later, I ended with this:


So, thank-you James for the inspiration, and thank you Adobe Photoshop for the capability…


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