Posted by: PD Warrior | October 5, 2007

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…

Well, not really.

Fall has a certain quality about it that seems to pervade my very soul. The colors are splendid. The squirrels, and chipmunks busy themselves in a frenzy that is nothing less than comical, torn between the task of gathering stores for the winter and frolicking in the piles of fallen leaves. The neighborhood echoes with the sound teenage laughter and talk of first dates, home-coming dances and football games.

And then there is the air…

It is the gentle fall wind that I love the most; breezes that are cool, crisp and clean, yet somehow warm at the same time. My heart quickens, and I cannot help but smile each year as I feel the presence of fall brush my cheek for the first time, embracing me like a long lost friend.

From here my mind begins to anticipate the magic of the first snow fall, and my thoughts turn quickly to Christmas – the one time of year, during which I will forever remain a child.

This year in particular, will be special. My very first grandchild will be celebrating his very first Christmas. I can’t wait to give him my gift…a gift that I have been planning for months, even before he was born…a gift that I am building with my own two hands, constructed from the wood of an Ash tree that once grew on my mothers land.

Several months ago I was browsing through a wood-working magazine and came upon a set of plans for none other than a Grandchild’s Clock – a perfect replica of a Grandfather’s Clock in every way except that it only stands four feet tall.

I have modified part of the plans to suit my own tastes. I have started to gather the wood I will need, and have started to search for the actual clock mechanism with weights and pendulum.

The very thought of this project has made me absolutely giddy. It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…



  1. My grandson will also be celebrating his very first Christmas this year. Autumn has always been a time of new beginnings for me…there is anticipation in the Breezes that blow. Change is in the air.

    Your blog is beautiful, Joe…I have just been catching up. There is great peace here.

    I am sure your new site will be wonderful as well, when you settle in. I hope that’s going well.


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