Posted by: PD Warrior | April 24, 2014

Ask Not What You Can Do For Your PD, Ask What Your PD Can Do For You…

That’s right, I said ask what your PD can do for you!

It’s so easy for me to get lost in the annoying, painful, uncomfortable parts of Parkinson’s that I often I forget that there is an up side to this disease. How can that be, you ask? How can there be an up side to shaking uncontrollably? To stumbling inconveniently? To fumbling for the right words? To mumbling when the right words are there?

The answer is simple: It could be worse.

PD is a nuisance, and at times an embarrassment, and a hinderance. But it is not a death sentence. It can slow you down, but it doesn’t have to make come to a complete stop. It can change the path your life takes, but that doesn’t make the scenery any less beautiful.

The key is to let go and trust. 

Trust your doctors, question them always; research what they have to say, but in the end trust them. Battling this disease is a team sport, not an individual event.

Trust your family and friends. You may not always like what they have to say. You may not like the fears they have, and you certainly don’t have to like the fact that they are afraid for you, but in the end trust them. If nothing else their fears, their decisions, their wants and needs for you are based solely on their love for you. And once again, fighting this disease is a team sport, not an individual event. 

Trust yourself. Within reason, that is. If you are like me, you probably aren’t willing to admit there are certain things you can no longer do. Your body knows, however, its limitations. Trust what it is saying to you. Rest when you need to. Adjust the way you do things. But never, ever let the disease get the best of you.

Those are all things that you can do for your PD.

Now, what can your PD do for you? Any thing you let it.

I used to consider myself a decent artist. I could draw, I could paint, I have even sold some of my art. I can no longer draw or paint, at least not up to my standards. But I soon discovered another outlet for my creative instincts – woodworking. With this new found hobby I can take my time, go as fast or as slow as I need to, and with a little luck and patience I have been able to create some things that I would have never even considered if it were not for the PD pushing me down that road.

I have discovered a passions for writing – first as an outlet for my frustrations, then as a way to help others. Heck, I even wrote a novel. Granted, I haven’t been able to get the book published, but I wrote it none the less.

I have discovered New York City! Well, I didn’t really discover it. I mean it’s always been right where it is, but I discovered that I really like the “Big Apple.” Quite an accomplishment for the like of me. Normally I don’t like big cities. In fact, I avoid them like the plague. Give me a pack of matches, a pocket knife and drop me in the forest and I will be a happy man. Put me in the middle of a booming metropolis – not so much. Yet I pushed myself to go to NYC when I was first diagnosed with PD to participate in the Parkinson’s Unity Walk, and found out that it is a magnificent place. I was able to go to the Metropolitan Museum of Art, see the Statue of Liberty in person and attend a broadway play. Again, all things that I would have never done if not for this disease. Heck, I even got to rub elbows with the likes of Michael J Fox. Well, we didn’t exactly rub elbows…more like his bodyguard shoved me out of his way, but hey- it’s a start!

So, what can PD do for you? Anything you let it.




  1. Hi! I am glad to see your blog, as you told me it would be back. How’s everything a year later?

    I am writing a new blog, similar to PD Plus Me, but more of a journal about dealing with Parkinson’s Plus for nine years. I would love to connect again.

    I call it Farther On. Thanks my friend.– Dan


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