Posted by: PD Warrior | March 16, 2016

Thanks For The Smile

To understand this story, you need to understand a few things about my mother.

First of all, she loved crossword puzzles, a trait that I inherited from her. We used to race for the newspaper to see who could get the daily crossword first. Sometimes I would beat her to it and finish the puzzle first, then as a joke fold the paper back up as if I hadn’t gotten to it yet. Other times she did the exact same thing to me.

The next thing you need to know is that my mother had a nickname. At least in my church she did.

It all started several years back. I was the pianist for my church choir, and my wife was the choir director. Every year we put on Easter, and Christmas Contatas. The problem was, it was too difficult to play the piano, and turn the pages in the middle of all the songs. Either I would turn too many pages at once, or I would knock the entire book off the piano…or both.

Enter my mother. She could read music, she loved to hear me play, and she wanted to help. Problem solved- she could turn the pages for me during the performances.

So, the first time I wheeled her into the church in her wheel chair, the pastor came up to me and asked me who she was. I told him she was my page turner. He misunderstood me, and thought I said her name was “Page Turner.” It took him a couple days to realize that wasn’t her real name, while at the same time, it took us a couple days to realize he thought it really was. After we all got done laughing, the name stuck, and from that point forward she was known to everyone in the church as “Page…Page Turner.”

The final thing you need to understand about this story is that today is the 1st anniversary of my mother’s passing.

So, there I was, doing today’s edition of the NY Times crossword puzzle, reminiscing, planning on having a perfectly melancholy day, when I came to question 27 down: Book you can’t put down?

The answer? You got it…”Page Turner.”

Thanks for the smile, mom!



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