Posted by: PD Warrior | April 20, 2016

If I Only Had A Camera

I have had Parkinson’s for almost 12 years now. Longer if you count the amount of time the symptoms were visible before I was officially diagnosed, but for the sake of argument I’ll stick with 12 years. That’s a dozen years of experience. A dozen years of aggravation. One hundred-forty-four months of learning.

And a whole lot of things to laugh about!

Don’t hate me…

I’m not saying Parkinson’s is funny. It isn’t. And I, of all people, should know. After all, as I said above, Ive had this particular thorn in my side for 12 years. I remember times when I was devastated by it. I remember times when I was angry at it, times when I was afraid, times when I was confused, and times when I just had to laugh…

I remember the day I invented a new Olympic sport that I like to call “skate diving.”  It was on a cold winter evening, and my daughter had come over to the house to talk to my wife about something real quick. My son in-law had stayed out in the vehicle because my first grandson was asleep in his car seat, and they didn’t want to wake him. Well, I wasn’t going to waste an opportunity to see the grandchild, so while the women were talking I slipped out of the house to peek in on the kid…literally. I took a couple steps across the drive, and the next thing  know I did some kind of triple sow-cow thing, straight into a half back flip belly flopper cartwheel, rolled over on to my back and finished off the routine by sliding up to my waist under my son-in-laws van like Pete Rose stealing second base. I heard him say “What the…” as he stuck his head out the window to see where I went, and the next thing I know we were both laughing so hard we were in tears.  He gave me a 2 for style, and a 10 for originality.

Where was the camera when I needed it? I could have gotten rich off that one.

I remember struggling with a pill bottle one time. For the life of me I could not get it open, no matter how I tried. I got so mad that I slammed it down on the counter, and wouldn’t you know it…the top popped off and all the pills went flying, scattered six ways to Sunday. And I couldn’t help but laugh…after I got done cussing.

Where was the camera when I needed it?

When it comes to my life with Parkinson’s, I have learned to fall with style. I have at times been all three stooges at once. And I have laughed.

I have had people get angry at me for the way I joke about the disease, but in my defense, I have never poked fun at anyone else, only myself. It’s what I do. It’s how I cope. And if I can make someone else laugh in the process, well, that’s even better.

In the mean time, someone needs to follow me around with a camera!



  1. Joe, as you described your fall, I couldn’t help but laugh! You didn’t need a camera, I didn’t need a picture…you painted the picture with your words! Thanks for the laughter 😄


    • Glad to be of service! 😃😃


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